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F.A.Q. and Notes about Parent Viewer

Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV)

The Pinnacle Gradebook2 system collects, sorts and files information as teachers enter it into their electronic grade books. The Pinnacle Internet Viewer collects this information from the Pinnacle server and relays it back to your school's Internet server where parents and students then have access to it using unique ID-numbers and PIN codes. Student information is only available to those holding a student's ID-number and PIN code. When parents or students access their individual student information they are provided with a detailed attendance summary and current report card. Parents, you will have the ability to have this information sent to your email address, including alerts when there is an un-excused absence, or if a grade drops below or goes above a certain percentage. You may also access additional information in the form of progress reports such as individual class performance, teacher comments, future assignments, missing assignments, and test scores.

8-21-08 - Pinnacle Access Password Format Change

There has been a change in the Pinnacle database regarding the password that is assigned for Pinnacle Parent Access. Last year it was the APSCN student ID as the user name along with student’s birthday in the format of MMDDYYYY as the password. This year it will continue to be the APSCN student ID as the user name, but the password will change to the student’s birthday in the format of MMDDYY.

10-08-07 - Pinnacle Access Issue with Norton Internet Security

We have had reports that some parents cannot access Pinnacle from their home computers. We have found that Norton Internet Security seems to be causing a problem logging in. We are working to resolve this problem with Pinnacle and hope to have instructions on setting Norton Internet Security to allow access. For now, the only solution is to temporarily disable the Norton Internet Security. If you are having problems accessing Pinnacle Parent Viewer and disabling Norton Internet Security doesn't work, please notify us at the Technology Department.


Frequently Asked Questions and Notes Concerning Pinnacle Parent Viewer

Some classes show attendance in only one column where attendance is taken once a day. However, it is in different locations. In which column should I look? TECH NOTE: This issue is unresolved.

  • K - Kindergarten
  • 1st - Conduct
  • 2nd - Physical Activity
  • 3rd - Physical Activity
  • 4th - Citizenship
  • 5th - Citizenship
  • All other grades are posted each period

All English classes in High School are listed as "WB" or Web Based. The state assigned a single class code for both, so it is showing "WB English" on all of the English classes. TECH NOTE: This issue is UNRESOLVED.

Whom do I call or email if there is a problem accessing the Parent Viewer? For problems with grades, assignments, attendance or student information, call the school. Office Phone Numbers

For problems regarding logging into Parent Viewer, passwords, or email notifications, please contact the Tech Department at 501-760-6800 or email us at the following addresses:

Notes about the Pinnacle Email Notification System

  • If you have signed up for the email notification in Pinnacle and have not received anything in your email, please notify our Technology Department (501-760-6800). There are some emails that are coming back to us as blocked by SPAM filters at some email addresses. Also, the reverse is true. If you receive an email that our system blocked your email address (called a bounce-back), please notify us of that.
  • In the last few years most companies and organizations have installed SPAM filtering devices which will block “bulk” email. The auto-generated Pinnacle emails coming to you will look like “bulk” email to your spam filter and not allow it to come to you.

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